Parent Notification Letter and Registration Form (English)

Tatum Municipal Schools

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September 30, 2016


Dear Parent/ Guardian at Tatum Elementary:


Great news! Your student may be eligible to receive FREE tutoring from another company, not the school district under the Title I Supplemental Educational Services (SES), part of the No Child Left Behind Act. The goal of the SES program is to help your student do well on the upcoming State test and to succeed in school. Free tutoring will occur outside of the regular school day and not by school staff.


Please complete and submit this form to your student’s teacher, as soon as possible, but no later than October 30, 2016


Listed on the attached chart are the Free Tutoring programs available for your student. The last page is the registration form. Please list your top three choices on the form, and return the form to your student’s teacher.


When choosing which Free Tutoring program is best for your student, you may want to ask these questions:

  • When and where will the tutoring take place (at school, home, a community center)?


  • How often and for how many total hours will your student be tutored?


  • What programs, by grade levels and subject areas, are available for your student?


  • What type of instruction will the tutor use (small group, one-on-one, or the computer)?


  • What are the tutors’ qualifications?


  • Can the tutor help if your student has disabilities or is learning English?


  • Is transportation available to and from where the tutoring will take place?


  • Will tutors undergo background checks prior to working with your student?


  • In what format will you be notified about your student’s progress and how often?


If you have any questions about any of the information or would like some help with this process please do not hesitate to contact Gracie Hinojosa, 575-398-4455 or visit our office at 306 West 3rd Street.   Thank you for your cooperation.  



Please return this registration form to your teacher as soon as possible but no later than

October 30, 2016


Please print information clearly.


Student’s Name:_____________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Name:________________________________________________________






My student’s main language is:___________________________________________________


Other language spoken at home: __________________________________________________


Home / Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________


                                    ______________________ NM              Zip Code ______________

Best phone number and/ or email address to reach me at:


Phone: __________________________________________  Email:_____________________________________________

I wish to enroll my student in Supplemental Educational Services. By doing so, I understand that I will be an important part of the goal setting process for my student.  I will allow my student’s school to release relevant educational information regarding my student to the selected SES provider and appropriate parties for educational research and study.


Parent/ Guardian Signature: __________________________________        Date:_______


Please list your top three choices of tutoring companies (see attached list). If your first choice cannot be accommodated, we will attempt to accommodate you with your second choice. If your second choice cannot be accommodated, we will attempt to accommodate you with your third choice.


If we cannot accommodate you with any of your choices, we ensure that your student will be given an opportunity to receive additional academic assistance through a district or school sponsored after school program.


Choice 1________________       Choice 2_____________               Choice 3____________________

If you have any questions about any of the information or would like some help with this process please do not hesitate to contact:   Gracie Hinojosa, 575-398-4455 or visit our office.


Created on 10/5/2010 - Last updated on 7/15/2016